How to Get Free Stuff Using Your Sam's Club Membership

When it comes to purchasing groceries and household goods, buying in bulk is usually the better deal, especially if you are shopping for a family or a large household. While a 24 pack of paper towels costs more than a 2 pack, buying paper towels or items in bulk ensures that you will save money over time since you will not have to repurchase them as often. Buying items less often at a higher price is better for your budget than buying them more often at a lower price because you will end up paying more over time if you always choose the smaller, less expensive option.

Even though it costs more money up front, purchasing items and groceries in bulk is usually the best choice for your wallet in the long run. If you have a large household, you know how much money it costs to keep groceries and essential items stocked. Shopping also takes a lot of time and energy, which is why it makes more sense to purchase items in bulk so that you have to make fewer trips to the store. Buying certain items in bulk means you will only have to replace them every few months or even once a year. Bulk shopping also makes sense even if you live alone or have a small household. Knowing that you will not run out of household items and groceries for a while will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on other things in life besides planning your next shopping trip.

The only downside to buying in bulk is that you need to pay for a membership to shop at the stores that offer bulk products. Paying a membership fee to shop at a bulk store like Sam’s Club might cut into your savings and make you wonder if you're getting a good deal, but it's definitely worth it if you know how to get the most out of your membership. If you treat a membership fee like an investment that will allow you to save money over time, you'll see the logic in paying to shop somewhere like Sam’s Club. By purchasing food and other items in bulk, your membership fee will pay for itself out of the money you'd be saving by shopping at Sam’s Club instead of a regular grocery store.

Finding a good deal on your membership can help you save even more money and make you feel better about the choice to go to a store that requires a fee to shop. LivingSocial and Groupon are both offering amazing deals on Sam’s Club memberships that will help you get free stuff. Only new customers to Sam’s Club can take advantage of these deals, so if you’ve been hesitant about purchasing a membership, this is the perfect opportunity to take the plunge. If you have had a Sam’s Club membership in the past, but you let it lapse and it’s been over six months, you are also able to take advantage of these deals. Both sites are offering the same deal, and it comes with two different options:

Option 1 ($55 value)

• Pay $30 for a brand new one-year Sam’s Club Savings membership.
• Purchase a second card for your spouse or other member of your household.
• You receive a $10 electronic Sam’s Club gift card.

Option 2 ($202.30 value)

• Pay $45 for a brand new one-year Sam’s Clubs Savings membership.
• Purchase a second card for your spouse or other member of your household.
• You receive a $20 electronic Sam’s Club gift card.
• You also receive a $135 in instant savings offers loaded onto your membership card within 24 hours of activating your new membership.

If you have never considered purchasing a membership at Sam’s Club, now is the perfect time to try it out through LivingSocial or Groupon. Taking advantage of either of these deal options will help you get the most out of your Sam’s Club membership. You will also get free stuff in the form of gift cards and instant savings offers, which means you will be able to save money. Happy shopping!

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