Health Insurance Options For Grant Seekers

Health Insurance is an important aspect of providing people with affordable healthcare. Over the years, there has been a tremendous effort to make health care available for the everyone in the country. This has borne fruits but we are yet to realize a fully insured nation. Grant seekers of health insurance are not left out. Some people in the population are unable to take health insurance for several reasons. These include language barrier and poverty, among other factors. Such a population falls under the grant seekers who require assistance to get insured.

As a grant seeker, there are several foundations that can help you secure a health insurance. You can take these insurances by contacting them directly or even through your state government. These foundations include private charitable organizations and local government insurers.

Some of the options available for grant seekers include:

1. Maine Health Access Foundation (MeHAF)

The Maine Health Access Foundation is an organization that supports uniform medical insurance within the surrounding population. This foundation also takes into account those individuals who are unable to access health services due to geographical problems and cultural and language barriers.

For the uninsured individuals, MeHAF is committed to ensuring that you get a basic health cover. This is by helping those who cannot afford to pay premiums required by the different insurers. There are grants offered throughout the state aimed at helping grant seekers. This makes this foundation a good place to turn your eyes to in case you need health insurance.

MeHAF has been able to work with health care organizations in promoting this noble course for grant seekers. From the year 2002, when the foundation made its first grant, more than $57 million has been given out. You can stand a chance to be a grantee of this foundation. To get funding opportunities and more information, you can visit MeHAF's website.

2. KATE B. REYNOLDS Charitable Trust

This is another charitable foundation that you should consider for a health care insurance grant. The Kate B Reynolds Charitable Trust is aimed at improving health care in North Carolina and the nation at large. To make a difference, this charitable trust focuses on helping the most vulnerable in society. Among the people targeted are the grant seekers. Their lives need to be touched by better medical care.

As a grant seeker, you can benefit from this charitable trust by sending your application to any of the four health care division areas. However, you first need to consider a few things. First is your eligibility. You cannot apply if you do not meet the eligibility criteria or prove to be self-supporting. There will be an assessment of your needs. You can then take the second step of consulting the trust about their grants. You are then finally able to apply for a grant.

3. The TUFTS Health Plan Foundation

Grant seekers can also have their eyes on this foundation as a probable granter. The TUFTS Health Plan Foundation serves and funds health insurance in the areas of New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. You can access their grant services too if you fall into the category of people embracing policies that aid the well-being of individuals.

You can apply for grants in this foundation by submitting letters of intent to the organization. The procedure is simple. You should first register and create an online portal. Then you can submit your letter of intent as a grant seeker intending to receive a grant from the foundation. You will then get an invitation to submit your proposal. Once you are awarded the grant, you shall be notified promptly.

4. The NYS Health Foundation

This foundation is based on the Government of New York. This is a good health insurance option for residents of the state. The New York State Health Foundation has an aim of providing statewide improved health services specifically for those who cannot afford health care insurance.

You can get health care grants from this foundation by applying under the special project fund. This money is set aside for health care, and you can be a beneficiary under health insurance. This foundation is a good option for health cover for the vulnerable communities and families within the state.

Health Insurance has completely changed health care provision. As such, there is the need to have every individual covered to guarantee his/her access to basic health care. It is evident, however, that there are those who cannot afford to pay premiums for Medicaid or Medicare. Such people may qualify to be grant seekers and may benefit from the options listed above.

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